Saturday, January 2, 2016

THU Reflection for 2015

What makes me want to write about THU is because I wanted to explain to all my friends who have not been to the actual event.

So here's how it goes, I have been to several art events these years, be it Masterclasses, workshops or bootcamp, what amazes me about THU is its customer service!
In particular THU provides an extremely GOOD SERVICE to everyone who attended the event.
Since the show only happens once a year, THU has spent the last four months hosting meet-ups as a way to connect artists after it ends!
Everybody is EQUAL, whether you are a senior professional designers or even a beginner, someone who is new to this entertainment industry, you will get to interact with everyone.

The first rule which impresses me about THU is nobody is supposed to feel left out throughout the whole event!
If you see someone standing alone at one corner, you have to approach them and talk to him/her.
Being a "typical" ASIAN person, attending such a social gathering event can be challenging, as I am not used to initating a conversation with other people.
THU opens up myself to others.
And I must tell you, the feeling of surrounding yourself with a bunch of like-minded people is really great!
Therefore, by the end of THU event, I bet you will have interacted with at least 20 different people, from different part of the world. It really is amazing when you finally met up with people whom you know online.

It is a good place for artists/designers to BUILD NETWORK and SHARE INDUSTRY INFORMATION.

In every industry, it's not all about having a strong portfolio, but rather it's all about HUMAN RELATIONSHIP, HUMAN INTERACTION AND TRUST!!!
I always believe that it might take a person months to master a fundamentals/techniques, but it takes years just to build a good relationship with people. 
So why not start now, step out of your comfort zone, and interact with others.
The more people you know and most importantly THEY KNOW YOU, the higher rate of succeess you will have in the industry.
People always love to see growth and improvement of a designer, so even if you are not ready to attend this event, it's always good to get to know these people earlier.
As I mentioned before, you need to start connecting yourself with like-minded people in order to succeed.

THU provides opportunities for artists/designers to INTERACT with all the recruiters/art directors/senior artists from all the renowned studios.
You will have the opportunity to have your portfolio reviewed by them. 
Based on my experience, these recruiters really make an effort to look through every single piece of your works, and provides you with useful critics.
Also, THU has a great line up of industry speakers such as Norman Seef, Ian Macaig, Robh Ruppel, Craig Mulins etc.
Theses talks might not be 100 % related to industry techniques, but it is more about having the RIGHT MINDSET to SUCCEED in this industry.
Seriously, nowaways there are tons of online tutorials in the internet that you could serve on.

Yes I believe there are still some short changes and still some room to improve upon, especially to those who arrives in the early part of the event, it might get a bit messier in terms of organising the catering.
Another down side of this event, is having to miss out on some of the lectures, due to the waiting time for the interviews with the recruiters.
But thankfully, the THU committee has created this THU TV platform for those who has missed out on some of the lectures.
THU TV is installed for us to watch the lectures even after the event is over.
And that is another PLUS point for THU!
I have not seen any events that does such a scale before.
It is definitely not an easy task for the committtee team to compile all these educational information all together for us!
So give these committee team a COOKIE for making that happen ! :D
Yes I agree that there is still some room to be improved on, but hey come mon, no events in the world is 100 % perfect!
So right now, I am doing my part to help spread the words around to everyone who has not been to THU.

And that's all I have to comment for THU 2015.
I believe next year THU 2016 is going to be even better than this year.
So why are you waiting for, let's go grab the early bird ticket now! :D